Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions: 

If you have a question that we have not covered, please contact us and let us know. 


Q: Where do you ship?     

A: We ship worldwide. (Because of Covid-19 some countries are not allowing incoming packages from the U.S. Check your local laws for verification)


Q: What is the cost to ship?   

A: US and Canada is $25 USD, International is $50 USD. We may charge more for shipping for bigger orders of 10 or more. 


Q: Does the Blu Protector block EMF's?   

A: The Blu Protector limits the effects from EMF's. There is no way to fully block EMF's


Q: Does the Blu Protector come with a cube to plug it in? Or a battery pack? 

A: No, we do not provide the cube for your power outlet nor do we provide a battery pack. 

Q: How do you turn on the Blu Protector?   

A: It will automatically turn on once plugged into a power source. 


Q: What do I use to turn on the Blu Protector?   

A: You can plug into any power source, such as a wall outlet, a battery pack, or computer/laptop. Since the Blu Protector cord is a USB, it has the flexibility to be powered in many ways. Even the USB outlet on an airplane or in your car.  


Q: How long should I leave on the Blu Protector?  

A: You can leave it plugged in all day and all night if you so choose to. Even not powered on you may feel it working. 


Q: Can the Blu Protector be on 24 hours a day?

A: Yes you can have it plugged in and on for 24 hours a day if you so choose. 


Q: Does the Blu Protector work through walls? 

A: It is better to be in the same room as the Blu Protector. If you have many walls in your home/office, you may want a couple for your entire space. 


Q: Can the Blu Protector be placed into a drawer or under the bed and still be effective?

A: Yes, being placed in a drawer or under a bed is ok to do and it also has the same effectiveness. 




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