Blu Protector Testimonials

Enjoy this video testimonial from Melanie in the UK talk about the amazing effects the Blu Protector has had on her son that suffers from seizures. What a truly wonderful testimonial that is sure to bring tears to your eyes and love into your heart!



Harlene M. from Quebec shares her wonderful and joyful time with her Blu Protector! Click here or on the picture to watch her video!

Saija D., who lives in India gives us a glimpse into her home and her life with her Blu Protector! Watch her testimonial here! 

My cat usually doesn’t sleeps with me at night, since I got the Blu Protector she sleeps in my room and has become much more affectionate.

~ Z.A. (Switzerland)

When I work on my laptop via Wifi and put the Blu Protector next to me, I am no longer so exhausted. Afterwards I am still full of energy.

~ Zorica T. (Switzerland)

Our dog was a wanderer at night which means he was always in and out of the room, but since we have the Blu Ptotector in our bedroom he sleeps through the night in our room in his basket.

~ Ernst (Switzerland)


I just want to take the time to humbly & graciously express my deepest appreciation for your aligned intent, the time & energy you put into focusing on it! Thank You!

Given that I am very sensitive to frequencies & energy, I notice an immediate shift in the space. POWERFUL!

~ Felicia E. (US)
I take it with me everywhere I go because it really helps me. I even noticed that I sleep better having it going at night, I don't feel as panicky and my anxiety is honestly very low. Thank You Dr. Matt for the Blu Protector for helping me, it keeps me calm. 


~ A.K. (16yr old - US)

I can perceive many things that others do not see. When I have the Blu Protector in my bedroom at night. I see that the creatures are outside the torus field of the Blu Protector and I feel protected and can sleep undisturbed.

~ Erica (Switzerland)


Yesterday we had the deadline for a practical exam in my university. The days before we still had a tough workload as we were facing some challenges with our project. The Blu Protector was always with me when I went to my university. I was amazed to see, that I was able to work on my computer for 36 hours straight with almost no breaks and neither feeling dizzy or experiencing a lack of concentration (I wasn't even tired, even though I didn't sleep that night). I also stayed calm and we managed to fix the issues and finished our project before the deadline!
This little gadget is such a great companion. I am very looking forward to experiencing more of its benefits!     

~Jenn S. (Germany)



Today, I received my Blu Protector. Looks so magical! AND with a special handwritten note from Dr. Matt with my intentions! Thank you very much for your love and genius!

~ Irmgard G. (Switzerland)


Thank you Doctor Matthew!  Today it arrived! 

~Rosy C. (Italy)

I received my Blu Protector yesterday! Hou-Hou! Thank You for the little card, it was appreciated! I had to say that to you: As soon as I plugged this little beauty on my laptop, something happened.... ALL THE INTENTION THAT YOU PUT ON, WAS RELEASED! Kind of magic, very impressive! It was soft, calm but powerful, full of...there is no word for that. This morning when I opened my laptop and the Blu Protector was opened in the same's there, it's not gone, it IS! I can see that this energy turn slowly like a torsion field all around me, glittering, shimmering. Oh I love it! Wow! I don't say that to be kind, it's true! Thank you for your genie, it's very appropriate for the time that we are in now. With all my gratitude.

Linda D. (Canada)

 For the video of this testimonial from Melanie, please CLICK HERE.

Been driving around in the car today taking readings on my EMF meter and the radiation in my car is dramatically reduced! In my bedroom, I feel the same way I do when I am at the beach for some reason! My son hasn't had a seizure yet in the house today. The Blu Protector seems to dramatically reduce 2, 4 & 5ghrtz to low levels that come off cell towers and routers.

We just did our first journey in the car with the Blu Protector device. Normally in the dark his seizures are set off by headlamps, he had no seizures. His fits were so bad before, especially when the Christmas lights are out, that the laughing seizures were so irritating. So just a couple of days peace from the nervous laughing so far since the Blu Protector arrived. You have no idea, they started in 2012, when my son was 19 and he was using the computer more than I allowed him as a child. The gelastic seizures got worse recently when lots of new cell towers were put up. So there is one Blu Protector device in the house and one in the car. 

~ Melanie K. (UK)

  From our friend Lee C. 
Thank you for an amazing product!
My experience with my Blu Protector has been amazing. I am sleeping more deeply; focusing is enhanced; and I am shielded against harmful EMF's.
~ Linda H. (Canada)

 I received mine a little over a week ago. I plugged it in beside my sofa where I was sitting and just relaxing, after a few moments I felt a very subtle, almost imperceptible shift. The best words I can find to describe it would be like a cool breeze but of course there was no breeze but it was a shift in energy. So thank you Dr. Matt for your wonderful creation. I love it!!! 💙💙💙

~ Jane H. (Canada)



Always happy to have acquired your product. After 2 months of use, here are some of the beneficial effects I felt. Peace; after 30 minutes of exposure I feel a peace as deep as when I came out of the Blu Room. We have been using 5G in our house since December 2020 and the server is in the basement where I sleep. Since the arrival of 5G I have had some difficulty sleeping. Since the purchase of the Blu Protector I have been sleeping peacefully. State of calmness, tranquility, confidence on the moral level. Serenity!!!
This is what this wonderful machine brings me!
Infinite gratitude!

~ Patricia C. (Canada)

I have just got my hands on the Blu Protector! Super excited! Thank you for a hand-written note Dr. Matt!
It is now on and even though it’s been only a few hours and its effects are yet to be discovered, I can already attest to the Blu’s tremendous value and the power of magical hypnotizing light it emits!
Just a few photos from tonight ... the beginning of the journey!!!
~ Irina S. (Canada)

So Happy, they arrived! Love my work place with this... feeling relaxed and clear...Grateful, Thanks Dr. Matt!

~ Rosemary S. (Italy)


I'm very grateful to receive this divine invention Blu Protector today! Jennifer S. your gift is priceless! Dr. Matt your invention is very very divine! I felt like a Shiva temple! 

~ Saija D. (India)

 Thank you so much Dr. Matt! I received the Blu Protectors and spent some time with them and found that they make me feel what I feel every time after getting out of the Blu Room, which is with much lighter head and neck and peace in mind. We live with two Savanna monitors and they LOVE sleeping by the Blu Protector I gave them :) Thank You again and we love you tons!

~ Mika K. 

 My daughter and myself each noticed a shift within minutes. The blu light is so comforting and inviting! Divine Love!

~ Suzann H. (USA)

 I just received mine yesterday! I put it next to my bed last night and for the first time in a while I was relaxed and slept peacefully. Thank You for your genius mind and love!

~ Vickie F. (USA)

 My Blu Friend is with me since 3 weeks. It gives me a guarded field to allow old attitudes to come up and be resolved once and for all. Besides of course clarity at my work. Love it, Treasure it! It is a little personal Blu Room at home. Thank You So Very Much!

~ Irmgard G. (Switzerland)


I received my Blu Protector just in time to be sitting in front of my computer for many hours. Thank You Dr. Matt!

~ Abigail H. (USA)

We always take the Blu Protector with us on longer car trips. We have noticed that we are less stressed and that the ride goes smoother.

~ Ernst & Zorica (Switzerland)

Since we got the Blu Protector, our cats always sleep near it in our bedroom and don't move from the spot all night.

~ Walter & Barbara (Switzerland)

Since I have the Blu Protector on my bedside table, I fall asleep very quickly and, above all, I sleep through the night.

~ Ernst (Switzerland)





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